About Jazzeria



Owner Matt Criscuolo

Wilton Pizza, Piccolo Pizza of Ridgefield, and Toozy Patza Pizza In Georgetown/Wilton are the only three officially copyrighted and trademarked JAZZERIA’s in the world.

We are the Starbucks of pizzerias. Since 1993, these pizzerias are the most unique, original, and best operated pizzeria restaurants for miles.

Always ahead of the curve! We offer not only traditional pizzeria fair but avant-garde featuresĀ as well.

Our takeout and delivery service is the most efficient and fastest around. If you’re dining with us, you may catch live music or simply just bask in the joy of eating in a restaurant that is musically themed from the ambience right through to the menu design.

Bottom line is; you won’t find a cooler pizzeria restaurant than the Jazzerias anywhere around Fairfield County and beyond.

Whether you do take out, delivery, or dining with us, you will find our food and service to be second to none, and you are always 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, we will make it right for you or give you your money back. You are never at risk with us.